Eminent Society CC

Who are they?

Eminent Society is a car club where family and friends come together and share the love for everything car related!

Want to know more about the cars or the club? 

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Facebook: Eminent Society Fan Page

Instagram: @EminentSociety

Below are the all the events where Eminent Society will be participating in!

Upcoming Events:

  • April 30th 2017 “SWIFT Car Club: Car, Truck, & Bike Show” @ Lucky Waller Montgomery Park 3020 Coronado Ave. San Diego, CA 92154 10AM-2PM
  • May 6th 2017 “22nd Annual Toyota Fest 2017” Marina Green Park Long Beach, CA 9AM-3PM
  • July 29th 2017 “Extreme Auto Fest” Qualcomm Stadium San Diego, CA

Now off to the good part! Enjoy some of the shots from the club’s cars!

Scion XB ’06

Subaru Forester ’99

Honda Civic ’07

Honda Civic ’92

‘Acura TL ’97 & Honda Odyssey ’98

Maza 3 ’13 

Nissan Maxima ’00

Audi A3 ’15

Honda Accord ’92

Scion XB ’05

Nissan Skyline ’99

Honda CRX ’91

If you would like to check more cars out or are interested in Eminent Society make sure you check them out on social media for more information!

-XO, Sheyla

Sea World San Diego

April 8th 2017

The idea of attending Sea World on this particular day was brought up by my in laws. So far it has been one of the greatest days my baby girl has had! So much running, screaming, and laughing by our little munchkin and we couldn’t have made her smile more this day. From seeing the little fishes to seeing the big whales she absolutely loved it! I am so glad we were able to get the year pass in order for us to keep taking her throughout the the year. I simply cannot wait to take Joy specially during summer and have her running around and getting all wet! Anything for this little munchkin to have the time of her life!

Here are a few of the photos we took during our day in Sea World, hope you enjoy!

Daddy & Joy

Sup Dude?

Flamingos For Days

Penguins on top of Penguins

Joy Loved the Polar Bear!

One Last Photo of the Day!



A Shower Full of Love💙

April 2017

San Diego, CA

A Saturday afternoon turned into a lovely evening full of love for the upcoming arrival of a beautiful baby boy…

Can we talk about how cute this teddy bear looks?! 

Showers of blue and silver for Baby Caleb!

These elephant cookies were the cutest!


A gorgeous Mami To Be W/ Big Brother To Be & Genesis

(PS: Can we take a moment to admire how cute he is looking at her?!)

Aunties Are Here to Spoil Baby Caleb

Te quiero mucho Amiga! Pero poquito mas a Caleb haha!

After 10 Selfies this One Stuck LOL

Tummy Wummy LOVE

To my beautiful friend…

You’re days away from being a mama to two beautiful boys! I can only imagine what your mind is going through at the moment. Remember this, no matter the circumstances, no matter the days, no matter what you’re going through enjoy your babies and your husband to the best of your ability. Cherish every moment of time even on the difficult days. Always rely on God for your strength and faith, as he is the one who leads us in this world and allows us to live this beautiful life we have. Always know I am here for you. I might not be able to see you as often as I wish I could but I am always here for any need you may have. I love you so much and I thank you for being a part of my life and allowing us to be a part of yours and most of all allowing us to be a part of your children’s life!

xoxo, Sheyla

So We Moved…

Previously on google domains, I’ve decided to go a little more pro and migrate to WordPress! If you’re reading this and my site still looks funky well it’s totally okay! It just means I’m still working on it.

Want to know more about my late blogs? Go to hercrypticlife.blogspot.com you’ll see all my blogspot since I started my blog back on October of 2014!

Now cheers to this new chapter in our lives! Because well we are family even if you’re just reading my words on here. So come here! Virtual Hug****!