Surprises, An Open Discussion

May 4th, 2017

Okay so here is the deal… I hate surprises. Like literally hate them because when I think about it 70% of them have just been bad experiences or stuff I just really dislike.

I happen to know people who love them because for them it’s always something positive.  So to make this blog entry short and have a discussion on the comments down below I would love to know what is your opinion on surprises.

Do you love them? Do you hate them? Or are you in between?

-xoxo, Sheyla


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4 thoughts on “Surprises, An Open Discussion

  1. KB says:

    Same, mainly for holidays, birthdays etc. I’d rather just get my own things and spend a quiet day low key. I think surprise parties are nice if the person they’re for is known to like that kind of thing but it’s now for me.

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    • I am honestly an impatient person too so the thought of knowing or hearing “I have a surprise for you” scares me. I’m always thinking what it could be and what if I don’t like it and I make a facial expression of disappointment. My family tells me I make too many facial movements to know what I’m thinking right away.


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